AP says that term “writer” is too limiting

Posted October 18th, 2010 in Uncategorized by Jeff Bentoff

In a nod to the rapidly changing media environment, AP management notified staff last week that it was retiring the storied tagline “Associated Press Writer” that has followed bylines for more than 80 years.

An AP staff memo says that the news service was switching to a new, “platform-neutral” tagline: “Associated Press.” The memo notes that: “These days, the byline on an AP story may rightfully belong to a text reporter, a photographer, a videographer or a radio reporter. For instance, photographer Aijaz Rahi bylined our coverage of a recent plane crash in India. Videographer Rich Matthews had his byline on Gulf oil spill stories. Some of our staffers have extensive multimedia skills and work with several platforms every day.”

This is yet another reminder that consumers are increasingly getting their information from sources other than traditional print reporting. Most PR professionals are adjusting accordingly – or they should be.

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