Keeping up with PR change in 2024

Posted March 19th, 2024 in Uncategorized by Jeff Bentoff

Another year of change is on the way for the PR world in 2024, with every type of communications changing rapidly as well.

The latest wave comes from artificial intelligence. A writer in Forbes talks about how AI is coming to PR:

I believe that AI and automation will be deeply integrated into PR practices in the next few years, streamlining routine tasks and allowing PR professionals to focus on strategy, creativity and relationship-building.

While the possibilities for leveraging AI are exciting, a number of issues need to be guarded against when using it—including avoiding disinformation, data privacy oversteps and honoring copyrights.

Check out some insights in this thoughtful piece. Meanwhile, the role of traditional media continues to evolve, while the rapidly changing world of social media continues to grow in dominance.

Knowing how to reach your audiences becomes more critical and trickier than ever. Being aware of today’s new communication channels and how they can help you is the key to success.

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