Seaside in Seattle

Posted September 13th, 2010 in Uncategorized by Jeff Bentoff

Back from a recent trip to Seattle, I was taken by hearing that city officials there spent millions to build cruise ship ports – without any commitments from ships to dock. After a few years of no boats and much public controversy, one cruise ship came through. And then – lots and lots started showing up. I heard that today, a million people a year go through Seattle on cruise ships. The docks were built, and the ships came.

I also enjoyed watching the containers and container ships in the port. The activity suggested prosperity. Julia Taylor, president of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, asked me a good question: Were the containers filled with goods being imported, or being exported? I don’t know, but which direction the goods were flowing does make a big difference.

Having lunch one day on Lake Union, a relatively small inland lake, it was impressive to see so many different types of boats. Yachts, houseboats, tour boats, motor boats, sailboats, ferries, kayaks, paddleboats and even seaplanes landing and taking off. So many transportation modes on one lake alone remind me how much people like choices when it comes to getting around.

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